The development team

Accused of rebellion acts towards the Colonial Authority, here is the list of the 17 most wanted Freedom Fighters of Mars.

Shadow Diver Team :

Project manager and Designer :


Former planetologist in charge of Mars terraformation program, he became part of the Astralee brotherhood to fight against the Colonial Authority.

Computer graphic designers :

Simon AUBLET /// Manuel BORIA /// Yann DORY /// Joseph VICARD /// Romain WANECQUE

Former artists of the propaganda bureau, they are considered as agitators, as well as vandals because they degrade our beautiful city of New Dedalie with their subversive holo-tags and other messages citing rebellion.

Designers :

Matthieu JORDAN /// Thomas PONTETTE /// Bertrand ROUX ///

Former engineers assigned to the New Dedalie canyons development program, these chaos theorists became affiliated to the Grey Block movement. They are responsible for monorail hijacks, dynamiting canyons, and the theft of energy resources.

Developers :

Maxime FRANCOIS /// Alexandre LAURENT // Jérémy MASCLAUX /// Camille MATEO /// Vincent PIRAULT /// Gaëtan VERGEOT ///

Former members of the computing security services of the colonial Authority, they are responsible for acts of piracy and unpatriotic acts. These hackers fearing neither God nor man are considered as extremely dangerous.

Sound Designers :

Ernest BERGEZ // Arnaud LAMY

Former musicians attached to the propaganda office of the Colonial Authority, they fled censorship and would now rather work on writing the future anthem of a free Mars.


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