The gameplay

Equipped with a wingsuit, the diver flies in free-fall in a futuristic canyon:

  • He has to avoid the obstacles placed in his path,
  • Take advantage of the warm airflows to keep flying,
  • Dodge automatic turrets’ crossfire,
  • Lose, flying drones hunting him.

Extract of the prayer of the shadow diver:
“In the name of Daedalus who created the canyon
Of Icarus, Our Father of Sails, who opened it to men,
To whom the shadow divers always trust,
See, at your feet, your sons who would like to climb unto You,

Give them a heart as thoug as the wingsuits which they carry,
A passion for serving as powerful as the winds which guide them,
A body as strong as the rocks which they fly over,
A flawless attention against any unforeseen dangers,

But above all, Our Father of Sails,
Be always present by their side,
Allow them to triumph over the storms which becomes their trajectories,
So they deliver their message “.

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The universe and the character

Year 2190…

Men dreamt about it. Mars was colonized, but it is far from being the Promised Land. It turns out Mars is a dictatorship ruled with an iron fist by the Colonial Authority; a puppet regime supported by a consortium of greedy corporations.

Asim is a settler who lives in New Dedalie, the capital of Mars. Equipped with a wingsuit and, despite danger, this courier flies through the heart of the canyons that cross the megalopolis. But, one day, Asim is caught in a trap and locked away in the central prison of New Dedalie.

In order to escape, Asim accepts the help of a mysterious hacker from Earth called Deelok. Forced to go off the grid, he now has to work for the Freedom Fighters of Mars. Asim becomes a ” Shadow Diver “.

The game Shadow Diver gives you the opportunity to embody Asim and help the freedom fighters of Mars to fight against the Colonial dictatorship. You can become an ally with the wild paramilitary force, the sons of Phobos and lead sabotage missions. Either follow the mysterious path of the Astralée brotherhood by diverting the propaganda messages of the Colonial Authority.

Mars must be freed…!

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Shadow Diver is an ambitious project, carried out by a team of 17 students who aim to develop a game demo in only 3 months. Shadow Diver is also a story-based game which is built around a succession of missions. The success or failure of the player will have an impact on the way the story unfolds.

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